The Armagondas, is an epic fantasy story written in 6 Graphic Novels.

A story of survival of a small group of people (The Armagondas), who escape for their lives, surviving the brutal and treacherous Kraitar Realm, hiding from land pirates, marauders and escaping the clutches of their adversary King Guitch of the Mighty Brutagan Kingdom.

A well kept secret is their only hope to fight back and survive.

Join the Armagondas as their story unfolds in 6 main volumes, and find out what happens.

Volume Two

Kings, Queens, Ghosts and Giants

Volume Three

The Marching Armies

Volume Four (Prequel 1)

From Clan to King

Volume Five (Prequel 2)

Two Kings of the Kingdom

Volume Six (Prequel 3)

The Seed of Doom